The men’s team of the Vanderbilt Rowing Club ranks first in the world’s largest rowing event in the men’s college foursome – The Vanderbilt Hustler


The team won the race against other nationally rated teams at the Head of the Charles Regatta Rowing Competition in Boston on October 24th.

Danny Ingber

Vanderbilt Club Rowing’s winning men’s team at the Head of the Charles Regatta, photographed October 24, 2021. (Photo courtesy Danny Ingber)

The men’s team from the Vanderbilt Rowing Club took first place in the season’s Head of the Charles Regatta Men’s College Fours on October 24th in Boston, Massachusetts.

After the event was canceled in 2020 due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the Vanderbilt Men’s Club team qualified for this year based on their placement in the top half of the competition in 2019. The Charles Regatta director is considered the largest Rowing the world eventwhich attracts over 11,000 rowers and 300,000 spectators to the more than 65 competitions that were held on the competition weekend.

On the 4,800m course down the Charles River, the Vanderbilt rowing team finished a winning time of 16: 49.708, beat the runner-up team from Mercyhurst University by more than three seconds. Though he said Vanderbilt never did Medals at the race in its 36-year program story, Head Coach Jon Miller told The Hustler that he was convinced of the capabilities and capabilities of the team through to the weekend.

“You definitely don’t want to underestimate the field or make any assumptions, but we were pretty confident about the speed we had. We knew what we were capable of; We didn’t know exactly what speed everyone else would be, ”said Miller. “Our ultimate goal was to get the race we’re capable of and then the second goal was to see if we could fight for the top.”

The Vanderbilt winning boat consisted of Senior and Club President Danny Ingber, Senior Jason Garrett, Senior John Misey, Junior Adam Levin and Junior Connor Goodrich, who steered the boat as helmsman. the run was about three miles long, winding its way upstream through tight bends and under six bridges in the city. Since it was a staggered time trial, the teams only knew how they had placed themselves in the competition when they got back to the dock with their coaches.

“I was pretty confident that we would at least win medals,” said Ingber. “That was definitely my top moment on the team, if not my top moment in college. People who don’t understand what we want to achieve, why we work so hard and why we get up at 5am for a club sport – it all seemed worth it. “

Ingber also spoke about the greater impact this win had on himself and the club, and thanked his current and former teammates.

“It was really cool showing the rowing world that a club team like us can play with the big boys and beat programs that get legitimate school fees,” said Ingber. “As a man who has been here for four years – given the momentum we’ve been able to carry on from the very beginning – it means a lot to be on a team that has achieved what we have achieved.”

Miller hopes the team will build on this win to further advance the program.

“We’re trying to take the stance that the journey is more important than the bottom line,” Miller said. “But it’s definitely fun to celebrate the good results and then move on and focus on the future.”

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