Seniors Spotlight: Auburn tight end Hayden Brice



By: Nelson Garris

Hayden Brice

AUBURN, Ala. – Relatively new to the Plains, tight end Hayden Brice Take Auburn Football to a whole new level this fall.

Brice, a transfer from community college in his home state of Mississippi, caught eight passes for 136 yards for Pearl River in 2018 and scored eight catches for 220 yards and one touchdown for Northeast Mississippi in 2019.

BrIce, a standout location at St. Joseph’s Catholic School in its hometown of Jackson, Mississippi, produced 2,096 all-purpose yards and 1,023 rushing yards while also recording 45 tackles, one interception, and three forced fumbles.

Brice also participated in basketball, swimming, and athletics.

Just before the 2020 soccer season, Brice moved to Auburn to continue his studies and play soccer, making a position change from receiver to tight end.

“I decided that if I continued I would make it big, and I chose Auburn,” he said. “It’s one of the best decisions I’ve ever made in my life. I was actually born in Montgomery and my mother went to Tuskegee, so I’ve been to Auburn before but I never knew I would actually play for that team I grew up with a lot of joy, so far I haven’t had a single complaint about this beautiful campus.

“It’s really like no other in almost every way. The people here are family members, and college town is far better than any other college town I’ve been to. It’s just perfect and I wouldn’t change anything about Auburn.

“I haven’t really seen the team with Covid-19 much. But when I got to know some of the guys, it really helped me feel at home.

“Going from a small community college to one of the largest SEC programs was just a whole different ball game.

“We all push each other every day to be our best on the field and these guys who encourage me are the kind of teammates I want on my team.

“I want to be one of the best teams in the SEC and I would love to have a playoff run this year.”

One of Brice’s favorite football memories came from when he was in one of his first training sessions in Auburn and ended up getting a couple of passes against the starting defense.

Brice, a major in accounting from Auburn University’s Harbert College of Business, plans to own and operate a business in Jackson while serving the community’s young athletes.

As an Auburn student athlete, Brice receives first-hand training in the spirit of War Eagle.

“I think of tradition, as anyone who’s ever gone to Auburn knows that telling War Eagle is your back,” he said. “People who go to Auburn take this saying very seriously, and we are. This is our family, and this is what we do.

“It’s a dream to come to Auburn and proudly wear these colors. I will always remember those days for the fans and I just want to thank you for cheering us on – War Eagle!”

Nelson Garris is a student assistant at Auburn Athletics Media Relations

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