PREPARE TRACK AND FIELD: Marshall’s Gabe Sherman signs National Letter of Intent to compete in Athletics at the University of Jamestown | News, sports, jobs

Photo of Sam Thiel Marshall’s Gabe Sherman signs his National Letter of Intent Thursday to compete in athletics at the University of Jamestown.

MARSHALL – With a quick signature, the next step in Gabe Sherman’s athletic career was completed. The senior Marshall signed his National Letter of Intent Thursday to compete in track and field at the University of Jamestown.

Sherman said it felt good to finally come and officially celebrate that day.

“It feels really good, it is very relieving” said Sherman. “Finding it was definitely difficult and there were many things to consider when choosing a large school, but I’m glad I found out. Jamestown is a great school and I am very happy to be there. “

Sherman added that he knew that his junior year in athletics could take him to the next level, and what ultimately drew him to Jamestown was the general atmosphere of the campus and program.

“The decision to compete in the track began in my junior year here. I decided that this is definitely a potential for me and I enjoy being part of it. “ said Sherman. “The decision to go to Jamestown was made in the summer when I was up there with my sister, she goes to school there and I just enjoy the campus and the people and it’s a great atmosphere up there.”

In recent years, Sherman has been instrumental in Marshall’s success on ice and track. He attributed this success to the effect his coaches and teammates had on him. He said his coaches had a tremendous impact and pushed him forward every day.

“My coaches have been an incredible influence. Sam Nielsen came last year as a first grader [throws] The trainer and she really stepped on stage and really got it going and did a great job. “ said Sherman. “I also had a coach before, Chad Bergjord, he really helped me fall in love with the sport and that was great and I really appreciate him.”

Sherman added that his teammates are extremely supportive and have built a strong bond over the years.

“My teammates are great and support me in everything I do.” said Sherman. “We have a really good team atmosphere out here on the track and we throwers have bonded very well; It’s a brotherhood and sisterhood, so it’s super tight and closely related. “

Sherman said he plans to major in engineering. Before heading to Jamestown, Sherman has one last spring with the track team. He said he was looking forward to coming back to the pits and spending time with his teammates.

“I’m looking forward to just pitting again and throwing up a few objections, hanging out with my friends and enjoying my senior year.” said Sherman. “I love to throw so the goal is to enjoy my last season, just get out.”

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