North Shore defeated Tompkins, 26-20 in the Regional Semis

“I think a lot of that had to do with how Katy Tompkins came out in the second half,” said North Shore coach Jon Kay, whose team were leading 20-0 at halftime. “I have nothing but respect for these guys. They are so well trained, they play hard. Of course we had our problems in the second half, but I don’t want to take anything away from Tompkins and how these kids came out.” and played.

“That it comes down to the last possession is what you want. You want your kids to be out there and experience that. Win or lose it is something you will always remember.

Katy Tompkins ended the year 11-2 in the regional semi-finals with the loss.

“Super proud of the coaches and the kids that their second-half match was canceled,” said Tompkins coach Todd McVey. “North Shore is obviously a very good football team. We knew we had our hands full coming here, but we expected us to compete. I can’t say enough about our kids. We talk all the time about E + R = O and how “You answered. Just so proud of them all. ”

It was really a two-half story on Friday.

In the second quarter, North Shore jumped behind the arm of rookie quarterback Kaleb Bailey. In less than three minutes, Bailey hit Nassiah Dunham for a five-yard score and then Jhalyn Bailey for a 31-yard touchdown.

“It was just the game plan that we stuck to,” said Jhalyn. “We just trusted in Coach [Willie] Gaston and it came out positive for us. We just ground every piece and it worked. ”

At 2:20 in the second quarter, Bailey threw a dart at David Amador for a 22-yard score that gave North Shore a 20-0 halftime lead.

“I thought we had a good rhythm for the offensive and the kids implemented it,” said Kay. “We ran the ball well and things were going our way.”

With the momentum on the North Shore side, McVey admitted it was “a direct” message for his team to respond. And they did.

The Tompkins defense bowed while Young was retired to quarterback for select games that paid the Falcons huge dividends.

In the third quarter, Young managed 51-yard and 32-yard touchdown runs for the Falcons to get the game into the fourth quarter within two scores – 26-13. Young then made it a game by one score with a 25 yard score with 8:26 remaining. Three carries, 108 yards, and three scores from Young and the Falcons rolled in.

“Wyatt is a super competitive kid,” said McVey. “We just can’t say enough about his effort. You can see the effort where he wants to.”

Despite the massive comeback, the North Shore defense ended up holding just enough to take out the 26-20 win to play next week in the State Quarterfinals against the winner of Ridge Point and Atascocita.

“It’s great to just have one game with my team-mates, it’s all seasons now with one game, it’s great to be with these guys,” said Flagg. “I love these guys. They are my brothers. I’ve been with them for four years. It’s my last year and it’s just great to be with my boys for another week. That’s what it’s about. Football, family and love. ”

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