DePaul celebrates the 50th anniversary of Title IX


CHICAGO – DePaul Athletics will commemorate its rich track record and tradition in women’s athletics by celebrating Title IX’s 50th anniversary in a year-long virtual campaign beginning in January.

Title IX, the Federal Citizenship Act that prohibits gender discrimination in educational institutions that receive federal funding, was enacted on June 23, 1972 and gave women many more opportunities to participate in sports at the college level.

DePaul laid the foundation stone for success in women’s sport in 1974 when, with the help of sports teacher Jean Nordberg, women’s volleyball, basketball and tennis were introduced as collegial sports. Softball was introduced in 1977 and cross country / athletics in 1982. Women’s football played its first season in 1996.

The first female student-athletes to compete in scarlet and blues after Title IX was passed paved the way for thousands of women for generations to have the opportunity to show their many talents to the university community and the city of Chicago. Equal opportunity has broken down the barriers for Blue Demons past and present to thrive on and off the competitive field. In 48 years of college sports for women at Lincoln Park, female students have won numerous conference championships, post-season promotions, and All-America certifications as they climbed to new heights in the classroom.

Through content posted every Tuesday, the campaign will announce the passage of breakthrough legislation while celebrating the stories and accomplishments of past and current Blue Demon students, coaches and staff. Historical information and multimedia content showing the breadth of Title IX at DePaul can be found here.

DePaul Athletics encourages fans, alumni, and community members to share memories, stories, and experiences on social media year-round as the department highlights pioneers, letter winners, coaches, and employees who have pioneered and empowered women today and every day .

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