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SMITHFIELD, RI – Bryant University student-athletes continue to excel in the classroom, graduating well above their conference and national counterparts, according to information released Thursday by the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA).

The annual report issued by the NCAA found a completion rate (GSR) of 95 percent, compared to a national average of 90 percent for all Department I institutes.

Bryant’s 95 percent graduation rate marks the seventh year in a row that the department’s number has exceeded 92. It’s also a two point jump from last year. The Bulldogs are also affiliated with Long Island University for the highest overall GSR in the NEC.

Of Bryant’s 18 varsity sports (cross-country skiing and track and field are considered one sport in the GSR), 10 achieved a perfect 100 GSR results, more than any other program in the NEC. The teams that achieved perfect results are baseball, men’s basketball, men’s golf, men’s tennis, men’s cross-country skiing / athletics, women’s basketball, softball, women’s soccer, women’s cross-country skiing / athletics, and women’s volleyball.

Bryant highlights from the NCAA report

  • Bryant achieved an overall GSR of 95 percent, five points above the national average of 90. It is the eighth straight year that the Bulldogs are above 90 percent.
  • 10 Bryant team achieved a perfect GSR of 100: baseball, men’s basketball, men’s golf, men’s tennis, men’s cross-country / athletics, and women’s basketball, softball, women’s soccer, women’s cross-country / track, and women’s volleyball .
  • 4 Bryant teams achieved a GSR that was at least 10 points above the national average for their sport (men’s basketball +26, men’s cross country / athletics +26, soccer +14 and baseball +14).
  • Bryant’s football program achieved a GSR of 94, the highest in the NEC and 22nd among any Division I football institution. The Bulldogs are 16th among the Football Championship Subdivision (FCS) schools.
  • Both men’s and women’s basketball at Bryant scored a perfect 100 GSRs for the fourth year in a row.
  • Softball has had perfect completion rates for the ninth consecutive years, men’s golf has been 100 for nine consecutive years, and volleyball has been perfect for eight consecutive years.

Division I student athletes continue to graduate at the highest rate in the 20 years the data was collected, according to the latest graduation success rate data announced today. The total interest rate for one year remained unchanged at 90% of the previous year.

The numbers released today reflect the graduation numbers of student athletes who entered school in 2014. When the success rate was created more than two decades ago, then-President of the NCAA, Myles Brand, set an ambitious goal of 80%. With the publication of the quotas in 2011, student athletes exceeded this target for the first time.

NCAA President Mark Emmert congratulated the student athletes on their continued academic achievement.

“When the first draft of a new NCAA constitution was unveiled last month, committee members emphasized academics as the paramount principle on which college athletics is based,” said Emmert. “Today’s announcement proves college athletes take their student status seriously. We celebrate them and their accomplishments and we will continue to support them as the NCAA modernizes their rules to their advantage. “

College athletes competing in FBS football kept their quota constant at 81% for a year. The female basketball student-athletes rose 2 points to 94%.

Since its inception 20 years ago, Division I student graduation rates have increased by a total of 16 points.

The odds for black student-athletes rose 24 points to 80% over the same period, while Hispanic / Latin American student-athletes rose 24 points to 88% and white student-athletes rose 13 points to 94%.

In men’s sports, 20 years of increased academic success resulted in an increase of 18 points in FBS football and an increase of 28 points in men’s basketball. There were also significant increases in baseball with an increase of 23 points to 88% and in men’s wrestling with an increase of 24 points to 86%.

Women consistently did well in terms of graduation rates. Over the past 20 years, the largest increase in graduation rates has been in women’s basketball, rising 14 points to 94%. Softball odds increased 12 points to 94%, and women’s tennis and women’s volleyball increased 11 points each to 97% and 94%, respectively.

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